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Life Is Like A Boat-Rie fu

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Rie fu(舩越里恵(“舩”和“恵”为“船”和“惠”的异体字),リエ フゥ),1985年1月11 日日本东京都出生。7岁就去了欧洲,那也就是为什么日本艺人普遍存在的英语苦手问题跟她完全不搭界的缘由所在。 Rie fu的音乐非常具有个性,她7岁到10岁时生活在美国,由此接触到了很多美国音乐从而受到影响。回国后,她一边读书一边学习钢琴和吉他,很快得到了乐坛各方面的关注。Rie fu的最大特点就是能将欧美音乐巧妙地融入日本音乐中,英日双语的歌词也是她的标志性特点之一。

nobody knows who i really am,
i've never felt this empty before.
and if i ever need someone to come along,
who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong?
we are all rowing the boat of fate
the waves keep on coming and we can't escape
but if we ever get lost on our way
the waves will guide you through another day
nobody knows who i really am
maybe they just don't give a damn
but if i ever need someone to come along
i know you will follow me and keep me strong
and every time i see your face
the oceans lead out to my heart
you make me wanna strain at the oars
and soon i can't see the shore
oh, i can't see the shore...
when will i see the shore?
i want you to know who i really am
i never thought i feel this way toward you
and if you ever need someone to come along
i will follow you and keep you strong