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Google Improves Job Search with Listings from Many Websites

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The new Google search tool allows users to narrow results by choosing different categories. (Google)
Google has launched a new tool that lets users search for new job listings across many major career websites.


Beginning Tuesday, English-speaking job seekers in the United States will be able to use the new service. The new search tool was first announced at Google’s yearly developer’s conference in May.


Now, when people search for “jobs” or “jobs near me” on Google, the results will include listings from a number of websites. In the past, a Google job search only brought up general results from major jobs sites. With the new results, users can connect directly to the job descriptions that interest them.


Among the major job sites cooperating with Google are LinkedIn, Monster, Careerbuilder, Facebook, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor.


The tool allows job seekers to narrow their search by category, job title or date posted. The new search service can also let users know how long it will take to drive to the new job.


As with many career websites, people can also request that alerts or emails be sent to inform them of new jobs of interest.


Google says the new system helps job seekers by putting many different listings in one place. Users no longer have to go onto multiple websites to search.


An announcement on the company’s website said the system is powered by Google’s machine learning technology. This makes the results more relevant and provides suggestions to users of other possible jobs of interest, the company said. The search is also supposed to prevent duplicate or old listings from coming up.


Google plans to keep adding new job sites to the system over time. The company said it has encouraged all job providers to make openings available through the new Google career search.


The system is available for people using a desktop or mobile device.


The new service is Google’s latest attempt to keep users on the search engine while they seek various products. The company already expanded its search capabilities related to travel, ordering food and connecting users to other local services.

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categoryn. type or kind


alert n. message of notification


relevantadj. important, related in an appropriate way


duplicate adj. exactly the same as something else


encouragev. tell or advise to do something


capability n. the ability to do something