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朱美瑜法官在周五晚间做出的判决中写道,儿童和他们的母亲被关押在“广泛恶劣的环境里” 。她同时指出,当局没有能够将年幼的孩子安置在“安全卫生”的设施中。








US Judge Bars Prison-Like Detention of Immigrant Children


A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that the Obama administration's detention of illegal immigrant children and their mothers violates a nearly 20 year-old court settlement.


Judge Dolly Gee ordered the Department of Homeland Security to free the families from three holding facilities as soon as possible.


In her ruling, handed down late Friday, Gee wrote that the children and their mothers were being held in "widespread deplorable conditions" and that authorities had failed to place the youngsters in "safe and sanitary" facilities, as required by the 1997 settlement.


Gee strongly criticized the government for not complying with what she said are the "unambiguous" terms of the 1997 settlement, and ruled that the settlement applies to both unaccompanied children and those arrived with their mothers.


The judge has given Homeland Security until August 3 to come up with a plan for the detainees. She also gave the Justice Department 90 days to answer why it should not have to abide by her ruling.








艾奥华州共和党方面的一名官员说,选民不信任克林顿。他还指责克林顿在处理敏感信息方面,很“随便”,而且在这个问题上, 并没有完全实事求是。




Clinton Denies Sending Classified Information in Private Emails     


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Saturday she never used her personal email account to receive or send classified information as secretary of state.


"I am confident that I never sent nor relieved any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received," Clinton said during a campaign appearance in Iowa.


A senior official of Iowa's Republican Party said voters do not trust Clinton. He accused her of being less than truthful about what he called her "cavalier handling of sensitive information."


The U.S. Justice Department is considering an investigation into a possible compromise of sensitive information in Clinton's emails, but says it would not be a criminal probe.