CNN news 2010-10-22

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CNN news 2010-10-22

Today, approximately 4:55 a.m, 5 or 7 gunshots were reported by Pentagon police officers, in the vicinity of Pentagon South Parking Lots. Oh, right now, and we consider this a 'Radom event'. You know, if our investigation and others, you know, as you can , that it's part of a larger incident. You know, we've got to evaluate that. Right now, we can only process what we have, what we have is an isolated event so far.

3 suicide bombers entering the heavily-guarded parliament building in the cental the Chechen capital Grozny. Official say one of them detonated his explosives near the entrance, the others barricading themselve inside exchanging gunfire with security forces before detonated their own devices. State television show images of people being evacuated from the area in armed vehicles as troops secured the streets outside.

An very impressive numbers of demostrators on the street today, the union said about 3.5 million, the government said about 1.1 million. One of things that would start this demonstration for sure though today was the involvment of students, a lot more students out there. Apart from those big organized demenstration, there were sporadic outburst of violence across the country, in various locations, not really representitive. The organized demonstration said the unions put together in fact, the union were dead set against this kind of ourburst. But we saw several different parts of the country where cars were burned, and windows smashed in shops. Now, president Sarkozy has said that he's going to stand firm against that kind of violence, and he also said it was not uneasy to say and take to in fact, raise retirement age by 2 years, but he felt he had to do it.

Here comes the kickoff. Returned Malin stress film was just very gets the burst, just started going around.

Right there, we thought maybe it's over, and if you notice all of you PRP's players, coaches right on field celebrated, and there's last flat road, and there we go.