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010-01-31 CNN

So what that is is evidence that people are being hired using the stimulus money, but what it leaves out is that someone is gonna have to pay the taxes to pay for that spending. So if you think that the extra spending now pay is creating jobs now, the extra taxes later to pay for that are of course going to destroy some jobs. So at best, we are maybe substituting some jobs in the future for some jobs now. Second in many these cases, a lot of people who get them were already employed, so you're shifting people from one kind of employment to another kind of employment. But even more it's not the whole story, the question has to be ‘are these uses of the stimulus, are the additional spending things productive?’ Katie, an example you had a few moments earlier about the smart grid in Maine raises the right question: do we really want to insist that everyone build the smart grid now or where we get more productive gradual adoption of smarter electricity grids if we let individual city States, etc. develop them when they have the other infrastructure when they have the appropriate scientists and engineers available and things like that. If you told every homeowner go put a porch around your house now because that’s where we're gonna spend the stimulus. Of course a lot of these porches would be completely silly and useless, that's in effect when we're doing the stimulus money insisting that the private sector spent its money in ways which may or may not be productive.