BBC NEWS 2017-06-21 美国海军驱逐舰与菲律宾货柜船相撞

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BBC news with Jim Lee.

President Trump has said he’s canceling his predecessor Barak Obama’s agreement with the Cuban government two years after relations between the countries were
restored. At a ceremony in Miami, Mr.Trump described the deal as completely one sided despite the tougher stance that he’s not reversing key diplomatic and commercial ties and won’t close the American embassy in Havana.

A jury in the US state of Minnesota has acquitted the police officer who fatally shot an African American man after pulling him over for an alleged traffic offense.
The shooting last year became instant international news because Philando Castile‘s girl friend who was beside him in the car live streamed his dying moment on

An Israeli border policewoman has been killed in a stabbing and gun attack outside the old city of Jerusalem. Her attacker was shot dead as were two other assailants
who had opened fire to group of offices nearby. Police say all three attackers were Palestinians.

Tributes have been pouring in for the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, a father of German, who’s died at the age of 87. His 16 years in office made him the
longest serving German Chancellor of the 20th century.

A US navy destroyer has collided with the Phillippe’s container ship off the east coast of Japan. The navy says the USS Fitzgerald is now heading for the nearby port
of Yokosuka under its own power. The Japanese Coast Guard is at the scene.There are reports of some injures, no details have been released about the container ship.

Hundreds of protesters angered the official response to the West London tower block fire have marched from the residence of the British Prime Minister Theresa May
calling on her to resign. She had earlier announced an emergency fund of more than six million dollars for food and clothing.

The online retail giant Amazon is buying the organic grocery chain Whole Foods in a deal worth 13.7 billion dollars. Whole Foods has more than 450 stores in the
US,Canada and Britain.