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Armed gunmen have attacked buses carrying the Dogo national football team on the border of Angola and Kongo.At least sxi members of the soccer huut and several of injuries are described as serious.The team was traveling to Angola for the Africa cub of nations which begins on Sunday.Alax Kapsti  reports from Angola.
It’s now to leave the incident took place  border between Congo and Angola.One of the players on the bus said they have just entrered Angola when a group of armed gunmen opened fired .He said they were under their seats for  20 minutes trying to avoid the bullets. The bus driver has been killed but it’s not clear how many others have been injured. The minister for Cabinda said the rebells  carried out this attack. The separate flack say they did it. The Togo football team confederation has failed to inform the organizers they were traveling overland to Cabinda  with no security.
A Nigerian man accused of attempting to blow up an American airliner on Chrismas Day in United States has plead not guilty and his fresh appearance in court.Mr Abud Mutallah has been indited in six charges including the attempt of murder of 290passengers and crew on the airliner.Our correspondent Mathew Prite was in court in Detriot.
Abdulmutallah walked into court with sibling perhaps is the result of the injuries he sustained perhaps the legwar he si wearing. When he was called to the bench by the judge, he spoke softly.He was asked if he has any medication and said he has taken painkillers.When asked fi he has seen the copy of indictment done the strip of the charges  against him ,he says “yes ,I have”, then “yes ,I do”  He lawyer told the judeg he was entering a plea of not guilty to all the charges against him
A judge in Argentina has ordered the reinstatement of the head of the central bank Martin Rarado and block the attempt of President Christina Fanado to use foreign reserves to pay the national debt.
Millions of the news broke television reports show Mr. Rerado arriving by car and entering the central bank building.he had refused to resign by decree issued by the president on Thursday signed by Hrao Car cabinet accusing him of miconduct.Early the judge suspended the decree thought to establish a debt payment from foreign exchange reserves.For her part, President Christina is arguing that the foreign exchange reserves are needed to the country doestn’t has to borrow money on the internatinal market that has high interest rates.
There have been renewed attacks against migrant workers on the southern Italian town Mazano where a shooting of two people led to ride on Thursday. Latest report say two more migrant workers were shot wounded by unkown gunmen.Thursday’s rests describes there were the worst racial unrest as seen in years broke out after a group of white youth shot African workers with air rifle.
The Portugese parliament has passed law that allow same sex marriage making the staunchly Roman Catholic country the six in Europe to do so .The Prime Minister jose Socrates  said the law would put right in justicie that had caused unnecessary pain. However doesn’t allow in gay couples to adopt children unless same like the  partnership  from other countries.
There will be a further decline in the number of people in working in US ,figures from the Labour Department in United States show that 85,000job were lost in December.The white house described the figure as dispointing.Later President Obama announced tax credits was 2.3billion dollars the companies working on clean energy projects,he said this would help creat 17,000 more jobs.
India railways has finally sacked Anseme Millitant 29 years after he last turned out for work.The millitant joined the railway as a station porter in 1978.The year later he joined the rebells.
Balava has been described as one the most Indian wanted man and blamed for dozens of bomb attacks and killings in Ansa.but nobody noticed he was still in the payroll of India railways until last year. when the company realized he was still an employee,it issued a notice asking him appear to the railyway authorities by the sixth January.When he failed to show up, he was fired. A railway spokesman confirmed he had finally removed from his job and said the notice had been put up in the railway station where had he worked.
The Ivory coast  striker   has been voted African footballer of the year by BBC listerners.It’s the first time he’s won the award. Drober has scored several crucial goals for it’s club in the English  season and he led Ivory coast to quliafication this year’s worldcup in Soth Africa.