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BBC News with Ally Macue.

The government of Togo says it has recalled its football team from the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola following a gun attack on the squads buses on Friday. However, the head of the football's world governing body, sublet of FIFA, has said the tournament itself must still go ahead. From Angola, Alex Capstick reports.

A spokesperson for the Togo government had said it was necessary for the team to withdraw from the Africa Nation's Cup because the players were in shock following Friday's dramatic gun attack. The players had earlier indicated their wish to go home following their horroring experience on Friday. The team captain Manchester City's Emmanuel Adebayor went to see members of Togo's rival teams in Cabinda to explain their decision. It seems pressure was put on the players to change their minds. A high level delegation including senior Angolan government officials and the head of African Football Issa Hayatou went to see them. But it appears the Togolese government has had the final say.

A television station in Pakistan has broadcast a video said to show the suicide bomber who killed eight  people at an American base in Afghanistan last week, including 7 CIA agents. Orla Guerin reports from Islamabad.

In the video, the Jordanian who was dressed in camouflage gear, says he left behind his family and his clinic to join the militants. Humam Balawi says he was offered millions of dollars to spy on them by Jordanian and American Intelligent Services. Instead, he became a double agent ploting against them. Humam Balawi says he is seeking revenage for the death of the Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud. He was killed by a US drone last August.

Security officials in Pakistan say at least two people have been killed in an attack by a US pilotless plane or drone in the north Waziristan tribe district. One report said, missile struck house that was being used by militants as a training center near the town of ...

The head of the northern island devolved government Peter Robinson is under great pressure to resign over allegations that he deliberately keep quiet about his wife's controversial financial dealings. Senior members of Mr. Robinson's Party, the DUP have said his position is untenable. His wife Iris has already announced to intention to quit politics but as our Simpson reports, the Party is demanding she resigns now.

"Across northern island, senior DUP figures are consulting. They are talking informally to people in their constituencies about this week's revelations concerning their Party leader's family. It's clear that Iris Robinson has no political future in the DUP. The strength for DUP announced last week that she intended stepping down on health growings. Today it became clear that the party wants a right officer as soon as possible. But it's still unclear how the DUP views her husband Peter Robinson 's future as leader.

World News from the BBC.

A Bosnian immigrant to the United States has arrested in connection with an alleged New York bomb plot has appeared in court to deny terrorism related charges. Adis Medunanin who was arrested on Friday, pleaded not guilty to receiving training from al-Qaeda and to conspiracy to commit murder abroad. A second man, a US citizen of Afghan origin has been charge with lying to investigators.

A small bomb is exploded outside the Greek parliament in Athens, no one was hurt but windows in the parliament building were blown out. Police were able to clear the area which have been crowded with people after receiving a telephone warning. The Greek authorities have blamed left-wing militants who have carried out several bomb attacks. Bomb attacks since rise in 2008.

Unusually severe winter weather is continuing to disrupt daily life in many parts of Europe. Air travel is especially badly affected. Here is James Rodgers.

Across Europe, the weather has hit transport especially hard. More than 200 flights from Frankfurt airports in Germany have been cancelled. Thousands of homes in the south of France have been left without electricity after heavy snow brought down power lines.Britain is experiencing its worst of winter weather for 30 years. And unexpectedly high demand has forced some local authorities to rush in the rock salt they use to keep roads free of ice. Supplies are running low. Sports has suffered too, with all but two of Saturday' matches in the English Premier League postponed.

Cuban officials have admitted that more than half of the water pumped through the country supply network is being lost because of leaks in breaks in the pipes. In an array of mission of failure, Cuba said that makeshift repairs to the system had not been successful and in some cities, water could be seen running through the streets. The Communist Party Newspaper Granma quoted officials as saying that water supplies could be badly affected if repairs were not undertaken.