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1. The cruelest catch.

"My ex said he was busy doing stuff with his family, so I went out drinking with my single friends - and saw him in a bar I used to work at with another girl. I went in and bought a pint just to pour it all over him."


2. The rose ruse.

"Received a bunch of roses and a teddy bear in the post on Valentine's Day. No idea who they were from. The next day, my ex messaged me, 'hope you enjoyed the day thinking that someone actually likes you. They were from me'. At least the roses were expensive and pretty."


3. The stopover.

"My long-distance internet boyfriend of several years surprised me with a visit to my college dorm on February 13. It was the first time we met in person. We spent the day kissing and cuddling until I invited him to spend the night. Then he told me that he was actually just stopping through Illinois on his way to New York, where he was moving to live with his actual girlfriend."


4. The Harry Potter horror.

"My boyfriend planned for us to take a Harry Potter studio tour in London. The night before, he tells my friend he doesn't think he loves me. The next morning he says he's 'going to get breakfast' before we have to leave for the train and he never comes back. I didn't hear from him for two days and still haven't had a chance to go to the studio."


5. The fake out.

"As a teen, I never got a valentine, while other girls at school would show off huge cards, teddies and chocolates. One year I had enough and wrote myself a fake card, and took it in.


But I struggle badly with lying, and in my guilt it all elaborated and elaborated until by 3pm I had been engaged, cheated on, and dumped, and was setting fire to the card on the school pathway shouting "you cheat! You cheat! It's over!!" while I stamped all over it.


But no one cared anyway and the whole school of 700 students just trundled boredly past except for one withering 'grow up, Jenny'."


6. The Nick nod.

"I was casually seeing this guy and we decided to spend Valentine's Day together. We had a really nice evening that ended in us doing the deed.


After, he turned to me and said 'I really fancy someone.' I thought he was being coy and was referring to me, so with a smile on my face I said 'oh yeah? Who?'


He replied with 'his name is Nick.' My name is not Nick."


7. The bar tab abuser.

"I was dating a guy on and off and we were 'on again' right before Valentine's Day. We went to a very nice dinner and he paid. Later, we went out for drinks at our favorite bar and I opened a tab. Thirty minutes later, he disappeared and I found him talking to another girl. When I went up to them, he acted like he didn't know me and told me to leave them alone. When I closed my tab, the bill was over $200 even though I only had two drinks. The bartender ended up telling me he had purchased multiple drinks for other girls on my tab. Needless to say, we were never 'on again' after that."


8. The cupcake thief.

"I spent all day baking red velvet cupcakes for my boyfriend. I went over to his place with these cupcakes in my hand, and his family around, and he looks at me and says 'I don't think this is going to work out. ' He took the cupcakes out of my hands, pushed me out the door, and locked it. I was too shocked to even do anything but leave. I ended up going to the movies by myself because I already bought the tickets."


9. The poem problem.

"When I was in 6th grade I had a HUGE crush on a boy. Valentine's Day rolled around and there was a big dance for the sixth graders. I decided to write him a poem. In front of the entire class, I asked my English teacher to proofread it (she did so in private), and then I asked my friend to give it to him. Apparently he stood up in front of his ENTIRE CLASS, read it out loud, and threw it in the recycling bin. At least he recycled it and didn't throw it away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"


10. The ol' switcheroo.

"My boyfriend said “I love you” for the first time on Valentine's Day while we were having sex. Romantic? Not so much. He prefaced it with I love (insert female best friend's name here). "