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Hourly News 2010-07-22

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Death toll soars to 273 in July floods in China
Floods in south China have now left 273 people dead since July 1st, when rainstorms first began pelting the region. 218 people are also missing.
Some 3 million people have been evacuated and resettled across 11 provinces and Chongqing Municipality, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Economic losses in the region are now topping more than 58 billion yuan—that's about 8.5 billion US dollars.

U.S. to introduce fresh sanctions against NKorea
Top diplomats and defense officials from South Korea and the US have warned of "serious consequences" in respect of further provocation from North Korea and have announced a plan to introduce fresh sanctions against its arms program.
Following the so-called "two plus two" security talks, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that the U.S. will introduce new "country-specific" sanctions to prevent North Korea's proliferation.
"First, we will implement new countries specific sanctions aimed at North Korea's sale and procurement of arms and related material. And the procurement of luxury goods and other illicit activities."
The first joint exercise between the US and South Korea will start this weekend
in waters off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, and is meant to deliver a "clear message" to the North Korea that provocations must be stopped.
China has expressed concern over the joint exercises.

Sudanese President al-Bashir on 1st Visit abroad since Genocide Warrant
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has arrived in Chad, his first visit to a full member state of the International Criminal Court or ICC, which is demanding his arrest for genocide.
Bashir was indicted by the international criminal court for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur last year. The court recently added genocide to the charges.
As a member of the ICC, Chad would normally be obliged to arrest a wanted man like Bashir. But it is not expected to do so in this case because the African Union has urged its members not to seize Bashir, and relations between Sudan and Chad have improved.
"Everything that went on between Chad and Sudan was an accident. We regret it enormously. Now we have turned the page. We are working together for the interest of our two nations."
The ICC has no police force and relies on member states to arrest fugitives.
Presidential sources said Bashir is due to attend a regional summit in the Chadian capital N'Djamena.

Car bomb kills 15 in village north of Baghdad
In Iraq, a car bomb outside a Shiite mosque north of Baghdad has left 15 people dead and 21 others are injured.
The blast took place in a shopping area in the village of Abu Sayda, in Diyala province.
This is the third deadly attack in the region in as many days.
Meanwhile, a US soldier was killed in a separate bombing in the same province.

ESO Telescope discovers what could be biggest star to date
The European Space Observatory has discovered what may be the largest star ever.
Scientists at the University of Sheffield in northern England say the star, named R136a1, is almost 300 times bigger than our sun and is twice as big as any previously discovered star.
Dr Richard Parker, a research scientist at Sheffield University, says the find was "incredibly significant".
"Until recently people assumed that there was a fundamental upper limit to how massive a star could be and that upper limit was 150 times the mass of our own sun, which in itself is quite large. The sun is not an average star, the sun is almost 10 times more massive than an average star if you average out everything in the universe. And so the fact that we're doubling the accepted upper limit to how massive a star can be really is, poses more questions than it answers, in fact."
Surface temperatures of the star can surpass 40,000 degrees Celsius, or 72,000 degrees Fahrenheit--seven times hotter than the sun and several million times brighter.

S. China province reviews law on wage negotiation amid strikes, suicides
China's first draft law on labor disputes and wage negotiations is now being reviewed in Guangdong province.
The review comes as labor tensions have been rising after a string of strikes and worker suicides.
The main goal in revising the draft law, named 'Regulation on the Democratic Management of Enterprises', is to establish legally- binding rules for wage negotiations.
If adopted, this will become the most comprehensive labor law in China, according to a local official.

China races to prevent oil slick spreading to open sea
One person has now died in the clean up effort underway off the coast of Dalian City, where a large oil slick has formed after a pipeline at the northeastern port exploded last week.
25-year-old firefighter Zhang Liang drowned as he tried to clean a boat pump.
The oil spill off the coast of Dalian city has now reached tourist attractions in the area. A third of the Golden Pebble Beach is covered in back while oil has also been found along the beach at Bangchui Island.
Clean-up staff are now racing against time to prevent the spill from reaching international waters. Oil began spilling into the water last week after pipelines at the northeast port exploded.