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Hourly News 2014-12-13

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China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims

China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims falls on Saturday.
CRI will be broadcasting the event live, starting at 10am.
It will also be broadcast live on our website: crienglish.com

World Leaders Urge Tangible Results in the slow-moving Lima climate talks

The UN sponsored climate talks in Lima, Peru are set to come to a conclusion today, with world leaders issuing calls for tangible results to be reached.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on big carbon polluters to announce emissions targets for an international agreement in Paris next December.
Negotiators from some 190 countries are trying to define the elements that should go into next year's deal, with disputes over money halting progress.
China's chief climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua says Beijing is resolved to promote low carbon urban development, and pledges to further support other developing counties to contain their gas emission through a south-south fund.

China disappointed about U.S. failure to approve IMF reform plan

China expressed deep disappointment at the United States' failure again to approve the reform plan of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei says the Chinese side is again deeply disappointed by the U.S. Congress' failure to include the IMF 2010 quota and governance reform package into its appropriation bill.
He says implementing the 2010 reform plan is crucial for the credit, effectiveness and legitimacy of IMF.
The Chinese side continues to urge the United States to endorse this plan as soon as possible.

Iran, powers to resume nuclear talks

A new round of nuclear talks among Iran and the world powers is set to begin on Wednesday.
Biliteral meetings are going to take place between Iranian ministers and their counterparts from the P5-countries plus Germany.
Iran and the world powers agreed to extend their nuclear talks for another 7-months in November after failing to reach a comprehensive nuclear agreement last month.


China, U.S. hold new talks on investment treaty

The latest round of China-U.S. investment treaty negotiations has begun in Beijing.
China's Commerce Ministry says the two sides are ramping up discussions on "core issues of the treaty text" in an attempt to try to complete the talks during this current round of negotiations, which will last for 5-days.
The Chinese and US sides are working on the creation of a "negative list," which are sectors and items which will be excluded from investment.
A "negative list" is seen as much more efficient than a list of items and sectors which are deemed "investment-friendly."

Central government supports Hong Kong government's action to clear occupy sites

China's central government says it supports the move in Hong Kong to disperse and clear the Occupy protest sites.
It says in a statement the central government "fully agrees and firmly supports" the Hong Kong government and police move to stop the protests, saying the move will maintain social order and safeguard the rule of law.

Middle Route of China's South-North Water Diversion Projects Operates Today

The middle route of the South-North Water Diversion Project has become operational.
The over 14-hundred kilometer route is bringing water from the Yangtze River to northern China.
The flow of water is expected to reach Beijing just over 2-weeks through a series of canals and pipes.
The construction of the middle route of the massive project took over a decade to complete, at a cost of over 30-billion US dollars.

bjh-hourly 10pm: : China to raise fuel consumption tax, cut retail prices

A new tax increase on oil products is taking effect this Saturday in China.
The tax on gasoline, naphtha, solvent oil and lubricating oil will rise to 1.4 yuan per liter from 1.12 yuan.
The levy on diesel, jet fuel and other fuel oil will be increased from 0.94 yuan per liter to 1.1 yuan.
But at the same time, retail fuel prices will be coming down, as the authorities are obliged to adjust the prices because of the downturn in global oil prices.
Meanwhile, still on the economic front, the State Council has announced the planned estabilishment of three free trade parks in Guangdong, Fujian and Tianjin.

China to tighten supervision on children custody

China's Civil Affairs Ministry is reportedly working on new rules surrounding cases of child abuse.
The director of the Civil Affairs Ministry's social affairs division says they're working on new regulations which could strip parents of their parental rights in cases of abuse or neglect.


China bans national anthem at weddings

Chinese authorities are banning the national anthem at weddings or funerals, as well as in commercial arenas.
Authorities are also banning the national anthem during entertainment activities or non-political celebrations.
The national anthem is only going to be allowed to be played at the beginning of important celebrations or public political gatherings, formal diplomatic occasions or significant international gatherings.