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Hourly News 2013-05-06

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Palestinian president starts China visit

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has arrived in Beijing to begin his state visit here to China.
During his three-day visit, Abbas is expected to meet top Chinese leaders to talk about bilateral ties.
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to arrive here in China later today for a 5-day visit.
China's Foreign Ministry says the Chinese side is willing to assist the Palestinian and Israeli leaders if they wish to meet during their visit.
There are no official plans for the two leaders to meet.


China, ASEAN fully capable of safeguarding regional peace: FM

China's Foreign Minister says China and ASEAN have reached a consensus that they are fully capable of maintaining peace and stability in the region, including on the South China Sea.
Wang Yi has made the comments in wrapping up his 4-country tour in Southeast Asia this weekend.
Wang Yi made stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.
He has described his visit as a tour of communication and cooperation.
He says the trip has sent a signal that China places ASEAN in a prioritized position when it comes to ties in the region.


5 samples test positive for H7N9 in E China

Five samples taken from poultry and the environment in 3 provinces in east China have tested positive for the H7N9 avian flu virus.
The virus has been detected in three samples taken from Shandong.
Two other cases of the virus have been found in chickens from Jiangxi and Guangdong.
The Ministry of Agriculture says the virus is similar to a variety found in a pigeon on Shanghai a month ago.
So far around 130 people have been infected with the virus, including 27 fatalities.


Death toll rises to 25 in Saudi Arabia's floods

The death toll from recent flooding in Saudi Arabia has hit 25.
This, after the bodies of three missing people were discovered in a dam nefar Riyadh.
Heavy rains have been pounding certain parts of the country through the past week.
Local authorities are warning people to be careful, warning them to avoid valleys or locations with high waters.
This is some of the worst flooding in Saudi Arabia in around 30-years.


UN chief voices "grave concern" at reported Israeli airstrikes on Syria

UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon is expressing "grave concern" amid new reports of Israeli airstrikes in Syria.
Israeli fighter jets reportedly targeted a Syrian army baracks in the suburbs of Damascus on Sunday.
Syria has since deployed missile defense batteries toward Israel as a result.
The Israeli side has so far not responded to the reports of its involvement.
Syrian media is reporting the Israeli side is hoping to help give a lift to the Syrian rebels, after recent setbacks.


Russia recovers Urals air crash victims' remains

Russian authorities have recovered the victims of a plane crash in the Ural Mountains last summer.
A passanger aircraft with a dozen people on it went down shortly after take-off from the city of Serov last June.
The community is located about 400-kilometers north of Yekaterinberg.
Russian authorities had to call off the search for the missing aircraft because of difficult weather conditions at the time.
A pair of hunters discovered the downed aircraft.
Authorities say the plane burst into flames on impact, killing all on board instantly.


Turkey denies report of defense cooperation against Iran

The Turkish government is dismissing a report of an anti-Iran defense collaboration among three Arab states and Israel.
The Sunday Times in Britian is reporting Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel are preparing to set up an early-warning system to defend against Iranian ballistic missiles.
The Turkish government is describing the report as manipulative, saying it has nothing to do with reality.
The report says the potential defense alliance would be a counter to fundamentalist countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria.


China Radio International launches new radio service branches

China Radio International has launched three new branches in Georgia, Jordan and Albania.
CRI says its radio services in the Georgian capital Tbilisi will broadcast around the clock in English and Georgian, focusing on news and music.
The broadcasts will reach more than 2 million people.
The branch in the Jordanian capital Amman will provide daily news and music around the clock as well.
A third branch in Albania's capital of Tirana will broadcast for ten hours daily in Albanian.
CRI has 90 overseas branches, and broadcasts in 64 languages.


Beijing Subway Line 10 becomes world's longest all-underground subway line

The opening of its last 3 stations this weekend has now officially made 'Beijing Subway line 10' the longest fully-underground metro line in the world.
The ring takes more than 100 minutes to finish the 57-kilometer circle.
Located between Beijing's third and fourth ring road, passenger volumes on the line hit 1.7 million per-day in March.
Meanwhile, Line 14 has also begun its trial operation for the first-phase of project.
Line 14 is expected to go into full operation within 3 years.