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Hourly News 2013-02-25

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KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan starts mainland visit


The Honorary Chairman of the Kuomintang Party on Taiwan, Lien Chan, is on a three-day visit to the mainland.

Lien is leading a delegation of more than 40 politicians and business leaders.

He has met with CPC chief Xi Jinping.

Lien is also due to meet with outgoing President Hu Jintao and other leaders tomorrow.

Lien Chan's first visit to the mainland in 2005 re-opened lines of communication between the CPC and the Kuomintang after more than 6-decades of detachment.



Chinese people celebrate Lantern Festival; Haze shrouds Beijing degrading air quality


Chinese communities around the world have been celebrating the Lantern Festival.

The 15th day of the first lunar month marks the traditional end of the Spring Festival celebrations.

Sweet dumplings, lantern puzzles, dragon boat races, and fireworks have marked the occasion.

Here in Beijing, the air quality has been dragged down to hazardous levels again because of the fireworks.

The PM2.5 readings in most of the city's 35 monitoring stations hit 200 micrograms per cubic meter by Sunday afternoon.

Most regions of Beijing has seen visibility dragged down to less than a kilometer.


China state councilor to attend inauguration of South Korea's first female president


Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong is set to attend the inauguration of South Korean President-elect Park Geun-hye later on this Monday.

Park is set to become South Korea's first female President.

Liu Yandong, one of only 2-women in the politburo, is has been tapped as a special envoy to the inauguration for both Chinese President Hu Jintao and CPC chief Xi Jinping.

She's already met with South Korea's outgoing President Lee Myung-bak.



Cuban leader Raul Castro reelected to second term


Cuba's parliament has re-elected Raul Castro to a second five-year term as the country's top leader.

The National Assembly of People's Power elected Castro as president of the State Council.

The parliamentarians are being tasked with electing the 31 members the Council of State, which includes the president, vice president and secretary of the assembly.

The 81-year old brother of former leader Fidel Castro has announced he will give up his power after his 5-year term is up in 2018.



Italians vote in parliamentary election


Italians have been voting for a new government, the outcome of which has had global markets and the country's European partners anxious about for weeks.

More than 50 million Italians are eligible to vote, but the turnout is expected to be lower than the 80 percent in the April 2008 vote, largely due to public indifference or anger at austerity measures.

Voting is taking place over two days.



Right-winger Anastasiades wins Cyprus presidential runoff


Conservative Nicos Anastasiades has won the presidential election in Cyprus.

Anastasiades has garnered over 57-percent of the vote.

The runoff vote pitted him against communist-backed Stavros Malas, who generated just under 43-percent support.

Anastasiades will officially take office on March 1st.

His election tasks him with pulling the economy of Cyprus from the brink of collapse.

The country, hit hard by the downturn in Europe, has been pushed to the point of bankruptcy given its massive holdings in Greek government bonds, which were devalued to help that country avoid default.



Kerry departs for 10-day, nine-nation trip to Europe, MidEast


John Kerry is now on his first official overseas trip as US Secretary of State.

Kerry's nine-nation, 10-day trip will take him to Europe, where he'll make stops in Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

He's also scheduled to visit Arab countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

In addition to Syria, Kerry's time is also meant to be focused on the conflicts in Mali and Afghanistan, and on Iran's nuclear program.



Iran test-fires short-range anti-ship missile


The Iranian military has test-fired a short-range anti-ship missile.

The weapon reportedly has the ability to destroy small-and mid-sized targets.

The anti-ship missile was mounted and fired from a light-speed boat, which the Iranian Revolutionary Guard uses in the Persian Gulf.

The missile test follows the test of a shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft weapon the day before, which has the ability to shoot down a helicopter.



Israeli army bracing for third intifada


The Israeli military is reportedly gearing up for the prospect of a new intifada.

This comes amid violent clashes among the Israeli military, Israeli settlers and Palestinians this weekend.

Tensions have been inflamed following the death of a Palestinian detainee in a prison in northern Israel.

Israel's internal security forces, the Shin Bet, claims the 30-year old died of a heart attack.

The family of the victim claims he died of torture.



Beijing orders removal of garbage near reservoir


Municipal authorities here in Beijing have ordered the removal of a garbage pit located next to the Miyun reservoir.

The reservior, located northeast of the city-proper, is the main source of the drinking water for Beijing.

Environmental authorites say the pit, which became a make-shift garbage dump following a dredging project in 2009, has not affected the reservior at this point.

The action is being taken today following a number of complaints online about the threat the garbage dump poses to the reservior and a nearby river.


 当地时间2月25日,韩国首尔,韩国首位女总统朴槿惠在就任仪式上宣誓就职。[Photo: CFP]