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Hourly News 2013-02-17

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58 killed, 176 injured as blast hits SW Pakistan

At least 58 people were killed and over 176 others injured when a blast hit a market area in Pakistan's southwest city of Quetta on Saturday evening.
Reports say the death toll may further rise as two markets comprising over 60 shops were leveled to ground following the blast, burying dozens of people under the debris.
Rescue work is under way on the blast site.
No group claimed responsibility for the blast yet.

China's sustainable growth contributes to global prosperity: officials

High ranking Chinese officials say China's sustainable development has contributed to the global recovery and growth.
Attending the meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of 20 in Moscow, Finance Minister Xie Xuren said China will keep implementing positive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy this year.
He said the Chinese government will strive to improve the quality and efficiency of its economic growth, expand domestic demand and strengthen efforts to reshape economic structure.
Governor of the People's Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan said China's economic restructuring and domestic demand expansion policy has yielded fruits and contributed to the global rebalancing.

G20 agrees to curb competitive currency devaluation

Finance Ministers and central bankers of the Group of 20 have pledged not to target exchange rates or devalue currencies for the purpose of making them more competitive.
A communique after the G20 finance meeting in Moscow says G20 members will "refrain from competitive devaluation" and resist all forms of protectionism and keep their markets open.
It also stresses the urgency to establish ambitious reforms and coordinated policies to achieve sustainable and balanced growth.

Electricity gradually returns to Syrian capital after complete blackout

Electricity has started to return gradually to parts of the Syrian capital Damascus after a major blackout blanketed Syria's southern region Saturday evening.
A government official says the outage occurred due to a damage in one of the main lines feeding the southern rim of Syria. He says maintenance work is underway to fix the problem, giving no details about reasons behind the damage.
The major blackout is the second to engulf the capital since the eruption of the political crisis in Syria almost two years ago.

China's 14th escort fleet departs for Somali

The 14th naval squad, sent by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, departed Saturday from China to the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters for escort missions.
The squad, which set sail from a port in Qingdao of east China's Shandong Province, will succeed the 13th escort fleet currently conducting missions in Somali waters.

中国海军第十四批赴索马里护航编队从青岛起航 [Photo: chinanews.com]


2月16日上午,中国海军第十四批护航编队从 青岛某军港起航,奔赴亚丁湾、索马里海域接替第十三批护航编队执行护航任务。这是海军北海舰队第二次派出水面舰艇兵力组织执行护航任务。中国海军第十四批 护航编队由导弹驱逐舰哈尔滨舰、导弹护卫舰绵阳舰和综合补给舰微山湖舰组成,编队含2架舰载直升机、数十名特战队员,共730余人。

Meteorite damage exceeds 30 mln USD: Russian governor

The damage caused by the meteorite strike in Russia's Urals region is estimated to exceed 1 billion rubles (about 30 million U.S. dollars).
A local official says the number may increase, noting that many buildings were affected and the Ice Palace in Chelyabinsk was seriously damaged.
Emergency authorities have been accessing the damaged houses, schools, kindergartens and other public facilities.
So far there has been no proof that meteoritic fragments have been found.

Spring Festival holiday sees 440 mln trips

Chinese made 440 million trips during the Spring Festival holiday, which lasted from Feb. 9 to 15.
Railways handled more than 34 million trips with a year-on-year increase of 3 million trips, according to the Ministry of Railways.
Highway and water-based transport saw 399 million trips, up over 50 million trips compared with 2012, while the number of air-based trips rose 18 percent year-on-year to over 6.4 million.

Accidents down during Spring Festival in China

Traffic accidents during this year's Spring Festival were down about 50 percent from last year, according to a statement from the Ministry of Public Security.
It notes that no heavy or large-scale traffic congestion was reported and traffic accidents in which three or more people died dropped by more than 76 percent year on year.
The statement says no serious fire-related accidents or firework-related deaths were reported during the week-long holiday period.

Gov't staff credit cards widely adopted in China

Government staff credit cards have been adopted across most of China, except for some remote regions.
The credit cards are to be used by public service employees for expenses, including business travel and conferences.
China's Ministry of Finance says over 10,000 central government units and 380,000 local units have implemented the system since the project started in 2007.
The special cards work like credit cards, but also serve as a state budget management tool. Clear records of transactions made on the cards are traceable, a feature that can boost fiscal transparency and contribute to anti-corruption efforts.