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Hourly News 2012-09-06

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China's will to safeguard sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands unswerving: FM


The Chinese government says that its determination to safeguard its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands is unswerving.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the comments in response to media reports that the Japanese government has decided to buy the islets from the their Japanese private owners.

Hong reiterated that any unilateral action by Japan regarding the Diaoyu Islands is illegal and invalid.

He added that China is closely following the development of the issue and will take necessary measures to protect its territorial sovereignty.



1 dead, 30 injured in E China bus accident


One person is dead and 30 others hurt, after a coach veered off a road and plunged more than 10-meters in the city of Rui'an in Zhejiang.

The person killed was a pedestrian whom the bus was trying to avoid.

The bus driver tried to swerve to miss the person, then lost control and flipped the bus.

Of the 30 people injured, 16 are suffering serious injuries.



Ministry lowers industrial output growth forecast


The central authorities here in China have issued a new forecast for full-year industrial output.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology now expects industrial output to come in at around 10 percent.

The original forecast was 11-percent.

Last year industrial output rose 13.9-percent.



Rail projects to spur economy


China's top economic planner is speeding up infrastructure approvals in the railway sector.

The National Development and Reform Commission has given the green light to 25 new projects for urban rail transit.

Total investment amounts to some 800 billion yuan.

Shanghai will get more than 158-billion yuan for its new transit system.

Guangzhou is going to get a 124-billion yuan injection.

Most of the money is going to come through bank loans.



China Said to be Planning on Increasing Export Tax Rebates


The central government here in China is planning to raise the tax rebate rate on a number of export products to try to stimulate trade.

Export products including furniture, shoes and toys are expected to see their rebate on the Value-Added Tax rise to 17 percent.

Currently those products get a 13 to 15 percent break on taxes.

The new policy is likely to take effect within the month.

Chinese trade has slowed over the past few months.

Export growth came in at 1 percent in July, down from 11-percent in June.



UN is monitoring the earthquake in Costa Rica


The UN humanitarian agency says it's keeping close watch on the situation in Costa Rica, following a large earthquake there.

The Central American country has been rattled by a 7.6-magnitude quake.

It hit Wednesday morning, about 150-kilometers west of the capital, San Jose.

So far 2 people have been reported killed in the quake.

The UN's Humanitarian Affairs office says it's monitoring the situation, but says at this time, there's been no request for assistance.

The quake was strong enough to be felt up and down most of Central America.



Extradited ex-Libyan intelligence chief arrives in Tripoli


Libya's former intelligence chief is now in custody in Tripoli.

Abdullah al-Senoussi is being held by the Libyan authorities after being extradited from Mauritania.

Senoussi is accused of crimes against humanity.

He was one of the leading officials in Muammar Gaddafi's former government.

He fled to Mauritania during the uprising, and was arrested there in March.

Libyan human rights lawyer, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, says Senoussi holds the key to some of the Gaddafi regime's most notorious crimes.

Senoussi, along with Gaddafi and his son, Saif al-Islam, had international warrants issued for them back in 2011 after the Libyan uprising first began.



Four dead, young girl found critically injured near French lake


Police in eastern France are investigating a multiple murder.

4 people have been found shot to death inside a car near a lake in the French Alps.

A young girl has reportedly been found alive inside the vehicle, though injured.

Reports suggest the British Foreign Office is looking into the incident, suggesting the victims may be UK tourists.

The location in the French Alps where the shooting took place is a popular water sports and tourist destination.



20 soldiers wounded in military ammunition depot blast in central Turkey


At least twenty Turkish soldiers have been hurt, after a military ammo dump exploded in central Turkey.

The explosion has set off a subsequent fire at the military base.

No word on what caused the blast.

The base in central Turkey where the blast took place is quite far away from the country's restive southeast.

That's where the government has been battling a growing insurgency from Kurdish rebels.



Ebola outbreak kills 14 people in DRC: WHO


The World Health Organization is investigating a new outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus in central Africa.

Of the 28 cases the WHO is looking into in the DR Congo, 14 have already died.

The World Health Organization has deployed epidemiologists and other professionals to the area where the outbreak has occured.

The location in the DR Congo is about 400-kilometers west of the Ugandan border.

That country is also dealing with an outbreak of Ebola.

However, the WHO says at this point it doesn't believe the outbreak in the DR Congo is connected to the one in Uganda, as they are two different subtypes.