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Hourly News 2012-02-06

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Chinese, Iranian officials discuss Iran nuclear issue
China says it believes the Iran nuclear issue should be resolved peacefully through dialogues and negotiations, and that sanctions and military means will not fundamentally address the problem,
Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hailong held talks with Ali Baqeri, visiting deputy secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council in Beijing, exchanging views on the Iran nuclear issue.
Wu Hailong said the top priority is that Iran should resume talks as soon as possible with the group of six international mediators, and strengthen cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency .
He said China will continue to work with the international community to facilitate peace and talks and seek a long-term, comprehensive and proper solution to the Iran nuclear issue.

One American kidnapped in Nigeria: police
The police in southeast Nigeria's Delta State say an American citizen has been kidnapped by yet to be identified gunmen killing his mobile police escort in the process.
A police official says a manhunt has been launched for the kidnappers.

Italy declares state of emergency on cruise liner wreck
The Italian government has declared a state of emergency on the disastrous wreck of cruise liner Costa Concordia.
There are fears of environmental disaster as sea storms may push the 290-meter-long ship, which ran aground a week ago killing at least 11 people into deeper water causing fuel leaks from its tanks.
A specialist team from a Dutch company is preparing to pump 2,400 tons of fuels from the vessel tanks, which will take at least one month, according to local authorities.

4 ISAF troops confirmed killed by Afghan soldier
Four French soldiers have been killed by an Afghan soldier in eastern Afghanistan.
16 others have been injured in the attack in Kapisa province, 65 km northeast of the capital Kabul.
The suspected shooter has been apprehended, according to a statement from the NATO-led ISAF forces.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy is suspending all military training in Afghanistan after the incident.
Sarkozy is also considering an early withdrawal from the country.

China launches crackdown on fake goods in rural areas
Chinese authorities say the country will intensify its efforts to crack down on fake and shoddy goods in rural markets during the first quarter of this year.
Counterfeit consumer products and producer goods which are closely related to farmers' lives, including home appliances and fertilizer, will be the targets of the crackdown.
A government ciircular says in order to protect farmers' rights, authorities will step up the supervision of wholesale markets, fairs and sales outlets in rural areas, shut down illegal workshops, and severely punish companies that are found to produce fake goods.

China's 2011 fiscal revenue up 24.8 pct to 10 trillion yuan
China's fiscal revenue grew nearly 25 percent year-on-year to hit a record high of more than 10 trillion yuan last year.
The Ministry of Finance says total revenue hit 10.4 trillion yuan, or 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2011.
The ministry attributes the increase to relatively fast economic growth, price hikes, surging corporate income tax and the move to bring non-budgetary funds into its budget management.

China keeps urban jobless rate at 4.1 percent
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security says China's urban jobless rate stood at four-point-one-percent in 2011, the same as a year earlier.
An official with the Ministry says 12.2-million jobs were created in urban China last year, well above the nine-million annual target.
He says the employment situation stayed stable in 2011 and the government will carry out more proactive policies to boost employment.
But, he still points out the employment outlook remains grim for 2012, with 25-million urbanites still in need of jobs.

Fireworks go on sale in Beijing for Spring Festival celebrations
Beijing has started selling fireworks within the city's downtown areas as residents prepare to celebrate the Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year.
Customers can now buy fireworks at around 1,500 temporary roadside stores within the 5th Ring Road in the Chinese capital.
This year the Beijing Municipal Administration of Work Safety banned sales of fireworks that are over 30 centimeters in diameter, citing safety reasons.
All of the makeshift stores are also installed with video cameras so that the Beijing Municipal Administration of Work Safety can check their safety conditions in a timely manner, according to the work safety agency.

Spring Festival Gala to go 3D
China Central Television is set to debut a three-dimensional version of this year's Spring Festival Gala.
The 3D version will be aired via CCTV 3D test channel.
The gala will also be available in standard and high definition versions.