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奥巴马提议削减更多开支控制美国债务Obama Proposing Bigger Cuts to Control US Debt

助 理们表示,新的计划将包括大幅削减用于社会保障和联邦医疗保险的支出。社会保障和联邦医疗保险是美国两个最大的社会安全网。奥巴马的计划还提出增加大企业 的税收,不再延长给最富有美国人的减税优惠。两个星期前,白宫与国会共和党议员的谈判破裂,双方未能就一项在今后十年削减美国财政赤字2万亿美元的方案达 成一致。

U.S. President Barack Obama is proposing a bolder package to slash spending and increase some tax revenue in an effort to break the political impasse over America's growing debt.White House and congressional aides say Mr. Obama will propose doubling the amount of money trimmed from the country's budget deficit to $4 trillion when he meets with Congressional leaders Thursday.
They say the new package will include significant cuts to Social Security and Medicare - two of the country's biggest social safety nets. It would also call for increasing tax collections from large corporations and letting tax cuts expire for the wealthiest households.Talks between the White House and Republican leaders in Congress fell apart two weeks ago, when they failed to agree over a package that would have reduced the country's budget deficits by about $2 trillion over the next ten years.