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音频下载 A: 欢迎来到美语训练班, 我是杨琳! B:我是Kat, 杨林,今天咱们教什么呀? A: 今天咱们要聊聊中彩票,策划一场梦幻婚礼,学学怎么才能培养出淡定的气场,还要告诉大家怎么说抢风


A: 欢迎来到美语训练班, 我是杨琳!

B:我是Kat, 杨林,今天咱们教什么呀?

A: 今天咱们要聊聊中彩票,策划一场梦幻婚礼,学学怎么才能培养出淡定的气场,还要告诉大家怎么说“抢风头”。

B: Sounds good! But first, let's learn a word.

Learn A Word outsource

今天我们要学的词是outsource. Outsource is spelled o-u-t-s-o-u-r-c-e, outsource. Outsource 外包。奥巴马政府宣布将采取新举措振兴就业市场。US President Barack Obama says he will propose new tax incentives to encourage U.S. companies to bring jobs back to the United States instead of outsourcing them abroad. 美国总统奥巴马表示,他将提议新的税收方案,鼓励美国公司将就业机会留在美国市场,而不是外包到外国。Many tech giant companies such as Apple and Microsoft now outsource their assembly lines to China and India. 苹果和微软等很多科技巨头公司现在都将生产线外包到中国和印度。好的,今天我们学习的词是outsource, outsource, outsource.

A: Some people argue that outsourcing contributes to the high unemployment rate in the U.S. 有人说,产品和服务外包是造成美国失业率高的一个原因。

B: Yeah, they say that by outsourcing production and service jobs to foreign countries, U.S. workers have fewer opportunities to get employed.

A: 所以,奥巴马要把税务优惠留给那些在美国本土创造就业机会的公司,这也是为了解决美国工人的就业问题。

B:It sounds like a good plan, but we will have to see how it works out in reality.

A: 好了,咱们说的这些经济政策啊,失业啊,太严肃了,聊点轻松的好不好?

B:好啊! 不如就说说--中彩票!

Popular American: Grand; Catch

今天李华要做心理学实验, 骗Larry说她中了一百万美元, 看Larry会有什么样的反应。李华会学到两个常用语:grand 和catch。

LH: Larry, Larry!!

LL: Hi Li Hua. Why are you so excited today?

LH: 我中乐透了!一百万!我发财了。

LL: Oh really? Are you going to take me out to dinner?

LH: 请你吃饭?你的要求还真不高,我决定啊,分你一半!

LL: You're giving me half a million?! What's the catch?

LH: The catch...那是什么?

LL: A catch is any tricky or concealed drawback to a deal. You're definitely not giving me half a million dollars for no reason. It's okay, tell me. What's the catch?

LH: A catch 是指某件好事的附带条件?哦,我明白了,你是不相信我会因为友谊分一半奖金给你,你觉得这么好的事情一定有catch, 对吗?

LL: Of course. I wouldn't give my own brother that much.

LH: 哎,好吧,我交待。其实我没中奖啦,是心理学课要做研究。我才想要试探试探你的反应。

LL: So this is all for your Psychology class. I knew it. What if you really won a million dollars? Would you share the money?

LH: 如果我真中了奖,当然会分你一点喽。嗯,一千块!怎样,我这朋友够意思吧?

LL: You'll only give me one grand?! That's one-thousandth of a million Li Hua! I thought our friendship was worth more than that...

LH: One ground...是一千块钱的意思吗?

LL: Yup. One grand is equivalent to one thousand dollars.

LH: 喔。所以one grand 是一千块钱的意思。

LL: Yes, that's right.

LH: 那我就可以把五千块钱说成 five thousand grands 咯?

LL: No, no, no. "Grand" replaces "thousand dollars", so you would say five grand.

LH: 原来如此。五千块要说five grand, 因为grand 代替了thousand dollars 这两个词。但为什么是说 five grand 而不是 five grands 呢?

LL: Even though five is more than one, you still say grand because the word is already in its plural form.

LH: 喔。因为grand 已经是复数了, 所以要说five grand 而不是five grands, 那我懂了。

LL: Hey, so back to the topic. You're only giving me a thousand dollars?

LH: Yeah, one grand is a lot of money. 那换做是你,你会给我多少钱呢?

LL: I would give you 10 grand.

LH: 你会给我一万?你真好!Wait, what would be the catch?

LL: There would be no catch! I treat you as a very close friend.

LH: 真的?我不信。不过,catch 还可以怎么用? 能不能多给我几个例子?

LL: Sure. A catch is any benefit that comes with a drawback. For example, when you go on a web site, and they tell you you have a chance to win a laptop, there's usually a catch.

LH: 你是说,某些网站如果说你有机会赢一台手提电脑,通常都要回答问卷,订阅周刊等等好多好多条件,所以这些条件就是the catch 吗?

LL: Exactly. So whenever someone tells you you've won money, or a laptop, don't believe them. Or else, you're going to have to expect a big catch that goes with the benefit.

LH: 难怪有一种说法是 "天下没有白吃的午餐"。 Everything that sounds too good has a catch to it.

LL: That's very true.

LH: 但我给你一千块钱绝对没有别的企图喔!There is no catch.

LL: But I'm willing to give you ten grand!

LH: 那我也给你ten grand 怎么样?

LL: Ten grand. That sounds a lot better...

LH: 那就好。对了,你等下有事吗?请我去吃牛排吧!

LL: You want me to treat you to steak? A minute ago you were only willing to give me one grand, and now you want me to treat you to steak. Ai, Li Hua!

今天李华从 Larry 那儿学到两个常用语,一个是 grand, 是一千美元的替代说法;另一个 catch, 指某种好处所附带的条件。

A: 要是我也能中100万美元的大奖,我一定不独吞,Kat, 你说吧,想要什么,等我中了奖就买给你, no catch!

B:谢谢了! I'll do the same for you if I win the lottery.

A: 哎呀,咱们真是有福同享!



B:哈哈! Okay, let's move on to the next program.

A: 好,在今天的美语怎么说里,咱们教“抢风头”。

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:抢风头。

YR: Hey hey Jessica!! 你听说那个大新闻了么?

JESSICA: What? What happened?

YR: 就是上礼拜话剧社的演出啊! Anna完全不顾原来话剧的剧本,使劲抢戏,女主角的风头全被她抢去了! 听说她们俩在后台因此大吵了一架! 对了,这个“抢风头”用美语要怎么说啊?

JESSICA: Hmm...抢风头就是“steal someone's thunder". Steal is spelled s-t-e-a-l; and thunder, t-h-u-n-d-e-r, thunder. Basically, steal someone's thunder means to do something that takes attention away from what someone else has done.

YR: 没错! Anna 把本来属於女主角的戏份都抢去了,She totally stole her thunder! 现在学校里人人都在说这事儿。

JESSICA: Ha! I think Anna is getting her 15 minutes of fame here!

YR: 15 minutes of fame? 出名15分钟?.....这是什么意思?

JESSICA: 15 minutes of fame means that she's only famous for a very short period of time.

YR: 哦...我明白了,这也就是短暂出名的意思吧! 就像上回电视真人秀单身女郎里的女主角,那会儿人人都在谈论她,现在节目结束了,她也就销声匿迹了。

JESSICA: Yep! Reality shows definitely give a lot of people a chance to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame!

YR: 嗯,没错! 听说Anna原来都没被选进剧本,可后来她就一直巴结男主角Andy,这么才慢慢得到角色的!

JESSICA: Hmm. Sounds like she's riding on Andy's coattails! Coattail is spelled c-o-a-t-t-a-i-l, coattail. To ride on someone's coattails means to use someone else's success to go ahead.

YR:哦,那就是趋炎附势的意思喽! So, Anna would not get a role in the drama without riding on the leading man's coattails! 这么说对吗?

JESSICA: Exactly! Now tell me what you've learned today!

YR: 第一:抢风头是steal someone's thunder.

第二,短暂出名可以说15 minutes of fame ;

第三:趋颜附势叫ride on someone's coattails!

A: We all want our 15 minutes of fame. Better yet, make it 15 years!

B: You're greedy!

A: 哈哈,说起抢风头,这可是招人讨厌的事儿。咱们在以前的节目中讨论过参加婚礼时的打扮,还记得么,女宾的原则是,不能太抢眼,you shouldn't steal the bride's thunder!

B: 没错! Brides be warned: when you pick your bridesmaids, skip those who are cuter than you!

A: 对,伴娘可不能比新娘漂亮! Wait, I wonder why I got invited to be a bridesmaid so many times!

B: 呃......I'm sure it's not because you're not as cute as the brides.

A:哼! 今晚我要打电话问问她们! 难道觉得我丑才让我当伴娘的?气死我了!

B:Ah...why don't we move on and not talk about this, and listen to a couple discussing their wedding plans.

GoEnglish Wedding Beginner


John 和 Carmen 订婚了,俩人商量婚礼该怎么办,可发现彼此的想法大相径庭。

Professor: That's right, Winnie. Carmen wants a traditional wedding, but John wants to get married in Las Vegas.

John: Carmen, I have a great idea for our wedding.

Carmen: Me too! I want to get married in a small church in my home town.

John: What? That's so boring. Let's get married in Las Vegas.

Carmen: Las Vegas? That's the last place I want to get married.

John想去拉斯维加斯结婚,这也不错啊! 我听说,很多名人都在拉斯维加斯结婚,人们还会找模仿猫王的人主持婚礼、载歌载舞呢!

Professor: Yes, but where does Carmen want to get married?

Carmen 想在自己的家乡,找个小教堂,举行一个traditional wedding--传统婚礼。不过John觉得这种婚礼太没意思,很老套。对了,Professor Bowman, Carmen 说拉斯维加斯是“the last place” she wants to get married,这是什么意思?

Professor: That means it is the worst choice. For example, “I like to have fun on the weekend, so doing my homework is the last thing I want to do.”


John: Carmen, you know I love Elvis. Getting married by Elvis would be a dream come true.

Carmen: My parents are very religious, and I don't think they like Elvis.

John: We could get married by someone else. What about Michael Jackson?

Carmen: John, I think you're missing the point.

原来,John 是猫王的粉丝,所以他的梦想就是到拉斯维加斯找个假猫王主持婚礼!

Professor: That's right, Winnie, but what does Carmen say?

Carmen说,自己的父母是虔诚的教徒,不喜欢这种搞怪的婚礼,而且他们也不喜欢猫王。谁知John说,那就请个假 Michael Jackson来主持婚礼!

Professor: That's why Carmen says John is "missing the point". It means he doesn't understand the important part of what she said.

哦,miss the point 就是“没抓住重点”,“没说到点子上”。Carmen其实并不在乎找假猫王还是假Michael Jackson,关键是她不喜欢拉斯维加斯婚礼的形式。

John: I know. If we get married in Las Vegas, you can choose where we go for our honeymoon.

Carmen: I don't care about the honeymoon! Go to Las Vegas for your bachelor party.

John: Really? You won't be mad if I have a bachelor party in Las Vegas?

Carmen: Of course you can have your bachelor party wherever you want! You will just need to find a new fianc□


Professor: Too bad Carmen says she doesn't care about the honeymoon.

对啊,Carmen并不买帐。她还说,John如果去拉斯维加斯办"bachelor party"-“新郎的告别单身派对”,她就要和John说bye-bye!

Professor: What do you think, Winnie? Will this marriage end in divorce?


Professor: What is that?


John: But Carmen, when we got engaged, you said I could help plan the wedding.

Carmen: Of course, honey! You can help me plan our wedding, in a small church in my home town.

John: (Sigh) Ok ...... Married life is going to be great!

Professor: So Winnie, where do you think John and Carmen will get married?

看来他们真的要在 Carmen 的家乡举行婚礼了。John说,在他们 got engaged--订婚的时候,Carmen 还说让他帮忙策划婚礼呢,原来啊,这婚礼的大主意还是要Carmen拿!

Professor: Sounds like Carmen wins. What kind of a wedding do you think they will have?


A: Kat, I just can't get over the thought that my friends picked me as their bridesmaid because they thought I was ugly!

B: Oh, 你想太多了! I'm sure they chose you because you were reliable, pretty and close to them.

A: 真的么?

B: Of course! Being a bridesmaid is not that easy. You have to help the bride stay in her best state, help trouble shoot any problems that may ruin the wedding, and in America, you also need to make s short speech at the reception dinner.

A: 伴娘还要在婚宴时致词?这可是个艰巨的任务。你说得没错,伴娘要帮着忙前忙后的张罗,得有责任心!

B: And that's why your friends chose you! They trust you!

A: 这么说我就舒服多了!哈哈。好了,咱们继续听节目,Business Etiquette.

礼节美语 - Body Language III

公司主管Andy又请专门研究肢体语言的Monica给公司销售员 Sara和James培训。Andy说:

Andy: This morning we once again have business consultant Monica Wolf with us. Monica is going to speak to us today about body language and how it affects business relationships.

Monica: Hello again everyone! So....did you experiment with some of the pointers I gave you last time?

Sara: I did. I found that making a conscious effort to look people in the eye has been very useful. I think people find me more trustworthy now.

M: That's great!

Monica问大家有没有尝试着把上次她教的东西用到实践中去。她用到的一个名词 pointer 意思是指点,建议。Sara说,她发现,讲话时有意识地看着对方的眼睛真的很有帮助,别人会觉得她更可靠,让人信得过,trustworthy. 上面那段话里另一个语言点是,to make a conscious effort to do something 意思是有意识地去做某事。James说,

J: I've been working on my posture. I find when I stand up straight with my shoulders back, I actually feel more confident going into a business negotiation.

V: Wonderful! I'm so glad you applied the principles I shared with you. Today let's talk a little bit about attitude. What's the first thing you notice about a character like James Bond?

J: He's very cool and composed.

S: Yeah, he doesn't ever seem to get too worked up over anything.

James说,他也在有意识地改进自己的站姿和仪表,而且他发现,挺胸抬头,真地会给自己平添一份自信。Monica听说大家把上次讲到的理论付诸实践, 很高兴,说今天就来谈谈工作时的态度 attitude, 她问大家英国特工007 James Bond有什么特点。James和Sara都说,007很酷,很镇定, composed, 处变不惊。这里用到的一个短语 worked up 是形容词,意思是兴奋,激动。Monica 说:

M: That's right! The reason he's so cool is because he's in charge of the situation and he knows it. People who are in charge don't get overly excited. So, what I recommend is that you try to appear to be in control by maintaining composure. If you find yourself in a very stressful business negotiation try to limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice.

S: So even if I don't feel confident, I should try to fake it?

M: Yes. You'll be surprised that even if you're faking, you'll start to feel more in control. Try to reveal as few of your emotions as possible.

A: But of course you still have to appear friendly.

M: Absolutely. But like a poker player, you don't want to show your cards.

Monica说,James Bond 007 之所以老是那么淡定,是因为他知道,情况都在自己的掌握之中,所以建议大家一定要保持情绪的稳定,参加十分棘手的谈判时,要 limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice 尽量减少肢体动作,控制自己的音调,越少暴露自己的情绪越好,就好象是在打扑克牌,不能让别人知道你手里的牌。

A: 原来,淡定的气场是这么练成的。First, you have to fake it!

B: Yeah, you'll fool not only others but also yourself into believing that you're in charge of the situation.

A: 这也就是心理暗示的作用吧!

B: Monica also said we should reveal as few emotions as possible.

A: 我倒觉得不用这么装 cool, 这不就没有亲切感了么?

B: I'm with you there. Being a businessperson is really intense.

A:没错。所以现在咱们轻松一下,去听American Sports English!

Y : Something smells good.

P: I've prepared some steak today for the tailgating party I'm having.

Y: 虽然我不知道什么是tailgating party, 可是我想知道Am I invited?

P: Of course you are invited. Yang Chen. Tailgating is when football fans gather outside the football stadium in the parking lot, and they host barbecue parties before, during and after the game.

Y: 你说tailgating party是在比赛之前,比赛进行当中,比赛之后;那些fans还要不要进 去看球啊?

P: That's a great question. The best thing about a tailgating party is you don't have to pay. You are outside, you are watching the game,

Y: In the parking lot.

P: That's right. A lot of people just stay in the parking lot. And they've got food and drinks, and the whole party is centered around the car that they drive in.

Y: So it's free.

P: Oh yeah.

Y: 那为什么叫tailgating party?

P: The tail of the car,

Y: 车尾巴。

P: Right, it's the end of the car. Usually we sit on the end of the car,


P: We have our snacks, our barbecue, our drinks; you listen to the radio, and watch the TV; it's a big party. It's great. Just a minute, Yang Chen. I need to go put my face paint on. OK, I'm back.

Y: (Screaming)

P: What are you so afraid of?

Y: You look like a clown. 你脸上花花绿绿的是什么东西?

P: I'm not a clown. Yang Chen. I'm a fan. I'm a super fan.

A: Tailgate party! Sounds like fun! I've never been to such parties!

B: Really? My family like to go to tailgate parties during football season. You should join us next time!

A: 好啊! 那我脸上画什么图案?要不我画个京剧脸谱?

B:Ah? The Beijing Opera Mask is really cool, but for tailgate parties, we don't need to go that far. 画你喜欢球队的队标就可以了!

A:I see! That's gonna be so much fun! 好, 这次节目时间到了。这次的撰稿人是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See you !

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